i’m gonna have to write about this now. i need to.

chris is coming here in about two months. i always get breathless whenever i think about it

my whole family is excited as well, and having their support was enough for me to stop being nervous altogether. they keep asking me questions about him, about what i’m going to do when he’s here, about where i’ll take him… im thrilled. my parents are really changing the way they see me and i love it.

i keep wondering how it’ll be like. ive been getting distracted so much lately, just thinking about small things like waking up early and making breakfast with him, going to a supermarket together to get stuff for my parents, going to a museum together. an expo, a restaurant, a mall… i dont know

now all i gotta do is wait. ive waited this long already… ‘two months’ is absolutely nothing to me nowadays.



heyhichris these are the two games I’m really thinking about, theres another one…it was like…yellow…and like…a nine on it…had a guy in it that could like shoot green stuff from like his hand or something….

Legend of Dragoon was my most favorite game growing up, it still is.

Spider was that one game that was just…”oh hey theres that game why not play it cuz its a spider with a gun and knife.” you know…good ol’ days

Looked through my collection, couldn’t find what game you were thinking of. The only game that comes to mind is Heart of Darkness which was an old game but a tough and good one as well. 

Never played it all the way though.