Electric Colours is out!

Electric Colours is a Compilation Album made by 6 amazingly talented producers. Not wanting to keep a single style of music, the 6 all created a different genre’d song, ranging from Alternative Electro, to Chiptune!
The album is completely free and available to any and everyone who would like it.

Please check everyone out and give them feedback, tell ‘em how cool they are. Thank you!!




Now on YouTube!

Electric Colours is a Compilation Album bringing together 6 amazing artists from all different genres! Ranging from Alternative Electro to Chiptune, the songs express each one of their respective artists styles and feelings. Also, Electric Colours is completely FREE! It’ll be available July 25th, 2014.

Track Preview Order:

ch3mistry - HeyHiChris

Starlit Journey - Samuel Winspear

Revolution - Light Aura

Somethings Change - Try-Fold

Pulse Kick is Not Dead - pixelherozero

Heaven for Monsters - Laffe the Fox