I come home from a long day at work.

I stare at the computer screen for a bit.

Then this happens…

Just a demo of what happens in my head sometimes, and what is made in about 20 minutes.

Unfinished, probably wont finish. Just felt like putting it out there.


So IBuyPower Has The Worst Fucking Unproffesional Service I have Ever Seen,


I asked where my PC was as I have ordered “Rushed Overnight” ON SATURDAY NIGHT. Then the fucker goes and tells me that they will not ship on Saturdays. When it explicitly says “Will arrive tomorrow guaranteed.”  I was okay with that. Considering it’s a nice PC but I was angry that they put that there and then they say no we can’t sorry. “Will come Wednesday possibly Thursday?” I spent $179.99” On getting this fucker shipped in time for “The Evil Within.” AND YOU SAY NO MATTER WHAT IM NOT GETTING IT ON THE DAY I PAID FOR. AND THE HAVE THE FUCKING NERVE TO LINK ME TO DICTIONARY SITES ON WHAT NEXT BUISSNESS DAY MEANS. MOTHER FUCKER IT SAID TOMORROW SPECIFICALLY. I PAID 200$ FOR TOMORROW THAT’S ALOT OF MONEY….Piece of shit.